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Ventilation / HVAC Systems

  • Forced Air Systems:
    • Disposable filters should be checked monthly; clean or replace as needed
    • Electronic filters should be checked monthly and cleaned as needed
    • Ensure all interior components are installed correctly after cleaning
    • Noisy blower sections should be brought to the attention of a technician
  • Electric Heat:
    • Electric furnaces and boilers should be inspected by a qualified technician every year to ensure that all the components are operating properly and no connections are loose or burned
    • The circuit breakers in some electric systems can be checked by the homeowner
  • Heating Ducts:
    • Have your ducts cleaned at least every 5 to 6 years, this keeps your furnace clean and will increase life expectancy
    • Make sure your ducts have no cracks or leaks in the ductwork and tape were needed
  • Air Conditioner Units:
    • Check filters every month, depending on usage
    • Have annual system maintenance done one month before the air conditioning season begins
    • Keep the condensing unit free of debris
  • Humidifiers:
    • Water levels in humidifiers should be checked and adjusted monthly
    • Interior components should be replaced on an as needed basis
    • The pad on drum type humidifiers should be replaced annually
    • The water supply to humidifier should be shut off for the summer months and activated for the heating months
    • On systems with air conditioning or a heat pump, the damper in the humidifier ductwork should be closed during the cooling season
    • In new homes, humidifier should not be used for first 12 to 18 months
  • Gas Furnaces:
    • Call the gas company immediately if gas odor is detected 
    • Do not use any open flames or turn on any electrical equipment until checked 
    • Clean and service gas furnaces and boilers annually
    • Check exhaust pipes for loose or corroded sections
    • Check heat shield to ensure that it is not loose or corroded
    • Check for burn marks around the heat shield or soot on the front
      • May be an indicator of a draft or combustion problem
      • A technician should be contacted as soon as possible
    • Check filters every six months


Hot Water Systems

All types of furnaces and hot water systems should be inspected by a qualified technician every year to ensure that all the components are operating properly and no connections are loose or burned. 

  • All Hot Water Systems:
    • Inspect radiators annually for leakage
    • Bleed air from radiators annually; repeat as needed during heating season
    • Lubricate circulating pumps twice during the heating season
    • Drain expansion tanks annually
  • Water Heater: Drain tank at least once a year year and flush it out
    • Hook a garden hose up to the bottom drain valve
    • Place the garden hose where the water can safely drain, i.e. a flower bed, bath tub, or sump pump pit
    • Open the drain valve fully.  Do not close off the incoming cold water supply to the heater
    • Run water until it runs clear out of hose
    • Once clear, shut off bottom drain valve and remove hose
    • Remove heating elements; soak in vinegar; scrape off any scales
  • Plumbing

    • Avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper down the toilets
    • Check for corrosion and leaks under sinks


  • Electrical

    • Do not overload circuits to prevent power outages
      • Do not plug too many appliances into any one circuit; check amperage if unsure of capacity
      • Periodically check all power cords for split or frayed wiring
    • Inspect and clean dust from smoke and carbon monoxide alarm covers annually


  • Structure

    • Foundation Walls: Check for evidence of deterioration, dampness and movement
      • Minor dampness from moisture migration is a normal characteristic of most older foundation walls, resulting in minor surface deterioration
      • Inspect moisture and dampness levels semi-annually to monitor the situation
      • Fill cracks and voids as they appear; allows for easy monitoring of damage between inspections
      • Provide access hatches to all crawl space areas
      • Make sure all crawl spaces have vapor barriers / plastic on ground
    • Wood Framing: 
      • Inspect exposed wooden structural components for evidence of rot and insect infestation:
        • Basement
        • Attic
        • Roof beams
      • Deterioration can result in sagging structural components
    • Wall and Ceiling Surface Cracks:
      • Monitor surface cracks for evidence of significant movement
      • Anticipate minor movement due to normal settling and shrinkage
    • Door Frames:
      • Check door frames periodically to determine their square-ness
      • Door frames showing significant movement of frame over a six month period may indicate a more serious problems. Contact a technician as soon as possible


  • Home Appliances

    • Refrigerator:
      • Clean interior shelves, shell and gaskets every 3 months
      • Verify temperatures setting are correct
      • Clean coils on the back or underneath once a year
    • Microwave Oven:
      • Do not use metal pans or dishes, or those with a metallic trim
      • Only use mild soap and water to clean the interior
    • Range and Oven:
      • Do not use extra-large / heavy cooking pots or pans to avoid burner damage
      • Use cleaning cycle of self-cleaning ovens only! Chemicals and other cleaning methods may damage oven surface
    • Washer and Dryer:
      • Clean the lint filter after each load of clothes has been dried
      • Check dryer vent pipe and clean every six months
      • To adjust the level of your washing machine, turn the legs clockwise to lower them or counter clockwise to raise them

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