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Your choice of a Central Indiana custom home builder is perhaps the most important decision you will make toward determining your eventual satisfaction with and lifelong enjoyment of your new house.

Your decision also greatly affects your life during the project, so we urge you to take the time to fully familiarize yourself with the builders, designs, and  detailed cost estimates under consideration before you make a final commitment.

Build a Custom Home; Enjoy the Experience

Madison Custom Homes Inc. is dedicated to making your home building project a smooth, low-stress, and enjoyable experience. We work closely with you through several phases of consideration, to help you fully establish all the requirements of your custom dream home.

PHASE ONE / FIRST MEETING - At our initial meeting, we start by asking some basic questions, such as:

  1. Do you have a lot?
  2. If not, do you need to look at lots? Where, or in what area, do you want to live?

    We keep information about available lots, costs and cost factors, mostly on the north side of Indy. Many variables exist on a lot that affect the cost of the home.

  3. What style home do you need?
    • Single level or ranch - empty-nesters may need additional adjustments, such as wider hallways, easy accessibility, etc.
    • Master on main level with other bedrooms upstairs - families with older children may want bedrooms on separate level
    •  Master upstairs along with the other bedrooms - families with young children tend to want all bedrooms on same level
  4. Do you have plans already drawn?

    Most home buyers do not have existing plans, just some initial ideas of what they like or want

  5. Will the house you envision fit on your lot as designed?
    Physical challenges, utility paths, and zoning requirements frequently force the need to alter plans or apply for variances
  6. Do you want help designing the house?

    We like to be involved in this stage to help control costs. Architects and draftsmen may draw up a beautiful home, but they do not price and build them. Thatís our job. Our involvement lets us help keep costs in line with your budget during the planning stage.

  7. What is your budget?

    Many prospective clients do not want to reveal their budget. They would prefer a cost based on price per square foot. This is not our normal practice as it is extremely difficult to answer correctly due to the many variables involved. Our open book policy allows you continually verify your costs and budget.

Based on the answers to these and other questions, we can start developing initial design concepts in preparation for the next phase. At this point, you are under no obligation to retain our services, or you can decide to elevate their level of consideration to the next stage.


PHASE TWO - The next meeting(s) will be to look at lots, if necessary, or begin the design phase in preparation for determining the cost of the project. Although we may not have been officially selected yet, this is a trust building period during which we show prospective clients our level of commitment and service.

During this phase of the process, we focus on:

  • Selecting lots and the cost variables associated with each lot under consideration
  • Designing plans and working with a draftsman
  • Finalizing plans with the draftsman
  • Determining the price of the custom home based on its specifications:
    • We use supplier brochures and catalogs to determine material options, such as windows, doors, hardware, appliances, etc.
    • Subcontractors receive copy of plans to determine labor costs
    • Clients or homeowners visit showrooms to make some pre-selections
  • Final design specifications and price are set


PHASE THREE - At this point, we present you with completed initial designs and detailed cost estimates. You will have all of the information you need to make an informed decision about letting us build your new custom home.

Note: If at this point you decide not to have us build, certain costs may be incurred for:

  • Design services of draftsmen and/or architects
  • Drawings and printing of plans
  • Time involved, etc.

We will clearly inform you of this policy prior to any work is performed. Any charges are handled on a case-by-case basis.

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