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Now comes the real fun of a building a custom home - planning the details of your living space to create an environment that reflects your personality and taste.

Paint chips... carpeting... flooring... cabinets... furniture styles... fabric swatches... chairs, chairs, and more chairs... These are some of the creative decisions you will make designing the interior of your custom home.

Interior Design Decisions

Major decisions about the interior design of your new home include:

  • Fireplace(s)
    • Gas or wood burning
    • Hearth - flush or raised
    • Fireplace face finish
  • Drywall
  • Special slick or design textured ceilings
  • Specialty bullnose corners
  • Interior Trim
    • Baseboard
    • Casing
    • Crown
    • Numerous other moldings
    • Paint or stain
  • Interior Doors / Solid Core
    • Style
    • Pre-primed for painting
    • Raw wood for staining / wood species
  • Built-ins
  • Hardware
    • Doors knobs / style / finish
    • Front door handles set
    • Interior door hinges
  • Stairway
    • Stair treads (open / closed)
    • Posts / hand railings / spindles
  • Paint
    • Wall color(s)
    • Wall finishes (flat, eggshell, satin, etc.)
    • Interior trim - paint or stain
    • Trim color same throughout house or multiple colors
  • Cabinetry and Countertops
    • Cabinets in kitchen
    • Cabinets in master / secondary baths, laundry
    • Kitchen countertops
      • Material
        • Granite or stone
        • Laminate
        • Tile
        • Concrete
        • Stainless Steel
        • Wood
      • Color
      • Edging
    • Master bath vanity
    • Laundry folding table
  • Hardwood flooring style and locations
  • Ceramic flooring style and locations
  • Ceramic wall tile style and locations
  • Bath finishes and hardware
    • Mirrors
    • Towel bars and rings
    • Toilet paper holders
    • Shower doors - colors and glass style
  • Closet Finish
    • Layouts and design
    • Materials desired
  • Light Fixtures
    • Interior of house
    • Exterior of house
      • Coach lights
      • Safety lights
      • Yard lighting
    • Electrician supplies
      • Recessed cans
      • Eyeball lights
      • All light bulbs in recessed fixtures
  • Insulation: Examples
    • R-38 or R-50 - attic (R-30 is minimum code)
    • R-19 walls (combined total)
    • R-30 floor area of living above garage or R-33 or R-38
    • R-19 or R-13 - perimeter of rim board of floor joists
    • R-19 blown ceiling of garage with attic space
  • Carpet
    • Padding specifications
    • Carpet style and color
    • Locations
  • Appliances - select finish
    • Refrigerator
    • Single / Double Oven
    • Warming Drawer
    • Microwave
    • Cook top
    • Hood and blower
    • Dishwasher
    • Trash compactor
    • Many other conveniences to choose from
  • Window Treatments

A professional interior designer can be very helpful when you plan your home interior because they understand how and have the resource to save you time and energy during this phase of the project. An experienced interior designer can  be an invaluable resource as you:

  • Acquire and organize samples
  • Coordinate ordering, shipping and receiving deliveries
  • Plan your room layouts
  • Keep track of all the design details
  • And much more!

Madison Custom Homes Inc. has worked closely with a number of skilled interior designers in the area. We will be glad to provide referrals upon request.

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