Madison Custom Homes Inc. builds houses anywhere in Central Indiana, including Boone, Clinton, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Madison, Marion, Morgan, Shelby and Tipton counties.

Primary Central Indiana Counties Where We Build Custom Luxury homesEach county in Indiana has different sets of regulations pertaining to:

  • Acquiring building permits and impact fees
  • Easements
  • Environmental impact
  • Bonding requirements
  • And much more!

The importance of having a builder that fully understands these various regulations, and how to interact with government agencies and regulations to overcome obstacles, can not be over-emphasized.

Case Study

Dealing with Local Governments Regarding Challenging Builds

An example of the importance of good relations with municipal agencies is the case of the couple who purchased a 3-acre lot in an old Carmel “septic” sub-division.

After the lot was purchased, Madison Custom Homes Inc., Inc. was brought in to develop the site. When we surveyed the elevation fields, we found that a septic field could not be put on the lot as it was laid out and that the closest sewer line was about 800 feet away. Hamilton County officials then determined the lot was unsuitable for a building.


We then conducted research and discovered that two other people had previously owned the lot, encountered the same problems, and then sold off the lot.

Because we had worked closely with the Hamilton County Sewer and Highway departments in the past, we knew the procedures to rapidly obtain approval to install a forced main sewer. It was connected to a county sewer line by boring underneath an existing right-of-way along side the six adjoining lots.

To insure against the possibility of damage to county roads or property, we obtained the required performance bonds.


The new sewer line ended up costing less than a septic system because they would have needed a mound septic field that would have cost about $26,000 to build. Connecting to the county sewer line, always preferable to a septic system, cost about $20,000.

The client received additional cost savings from this change because we were able to pull the house forward on the lot, therefore:

  • Less trees needed to be removed for the septic field
  • The length of the driveway was reduced

When you select Madison Custom Homes Inc. to build your new house, you can be assured of the same high levels of competence and customer service that this couple received. Give us a call today! We will build the home you have always wanted, to your exact specifications and requirements.

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