When you build a new custom home, you will have many decisions to make to ensure the house and property meet your standards.

Here are a few of the decisions you will eventually make about your home site:

    Grade / Flat or Sloping Yard Determines Basement Type
    • Flat Yard: no lookout or walkout capabilities; windows have full retaining walls around them
    • Sloping yard: lookout windows in basement
    • Extremely sloping yard: walkout basement with door that leads to exterior
    • Sloping yard can change from conrete patio to deck
    • Walkout basement can have deck and concrete patio outside
    Permit, Survey, and Codes
    • Plot plan / site plan (septic design if applicable)
    • Building permits
    • Staking for excavation
      • A preliminary stake for tree clearing and for house placement
      • Second staking for excavation for foundations
    • Construction approval by municipal inspections
    • Erosion prevention
    Tree Clearing (if applicable)
    • Per on site meeting and markings
    • Stumps ground out
    • Logs hauled off
    • Chips left on site or hauled off
    City Utilities
    • Sewer connection
      • Gravity drain sewer
      • Forced main sewer with grinder pump station outside
    • Water main
      • Tap and connection
      • Street bore (if applicable)
    • Sump line
      • Developer-provided sub-surface drain
      • Daylight discharge
    • Electric service provider
    • Gas service provider
    On-site Utilities
    • Electric power to home site
    • Well
    • Septic
    • Sump line
    • Propane (if selected)
    Final Site Work / Concrete Flatwork
    • Driveway
      • Concrete
      • Asphalt
      • Gravel
      • Road matting needed
    • Front Porch & Steps
    • Home walk
    • Public city walk (if applicable)
      • Material requirements (check municipal code, where applicable)
      • Length and width requirements
      • Handicap accessibility (if applicable)
    • Patio and Stoop (if applicable)
    • Types of Concrete
      • Gray / White (broom finish)
      • Exposed aggregate / size of aggregate
      • Stamped / styles and colors
    • Rough grade lot
    • Final grade sod, hydro seed, trees, shrubs and mulch
    • Irrigation
      • Front yard only
      • Front and back yard
      • Special requirements (gardens, greenhouse, etc.)
    • Type
    • Style
    • Color
    • Municipal or development requirements
    Other Project Zones

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