1. Cost per square foot?
  2. Areas of Indiana?
  3. Cost difference based on location of house?
  4. Raw acreage?
  5. Pre-priced floor plans available?
  6. Cost difference between existing floor plan and new floor plan?
  7. Visit house already built by Madison Custom Homes Inc.?
  8. Licensed, bonded or insured?
  9. Standard features or amenities in all custom homes?
  10. Warranty?

Cost per square foot for a custom home built by Madison Custom Homes Inc.?

We do not price homes by the square foot. Instead, we price homes based upon the construction plans and specifications, along with the conditions of the lot or acreage.

On average, the floorplan style will dictate the differences in cost per square foot:

  • Style A – Master bedroom on 2nd floor with a one story great room is the least expensive on average per square foot to build
  • Style B – Master bedroom on 2nd floor with a 2 story great room is next step up
  • Style C – Master bedroom on main level with bedrooms upstairs
  • Style D – Ranch style is most expensive on average per square foot

Primary Central Indiana counties in which we build custom luxury homes.

In what areas of Indiana do you build?

While the majority of the custom homes we build are in developments and neighborhoods on the north and east side of Indianapolis, such as Fishers/Geist, McCordsville, Noblesville, Westfield, Carmel, and Zionsville, we will build anywhere in the Central Indiana area, including Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Madison, Marion, Morgan, and Shelby Counties.

Will my cost increase if I build on the south or west sides of town?

No. Costs are determined by materials and labor, not travel time to and from the job site. We are happy to build where you want to live.

Do you build on raw acreage?

Yes, we will build on acreage, in accordance with county regulations and other factors. Each county has different rules and regulations. (Visit My Local at IN.gov for information about county resources and links to governmental agencies.)

If you plan to purchase or build on raw acreage, you should consider:

  • County approval to build on the acreage – each county has different requirements; some require 10 acres or more in order to build. In certain counties, if the lot is less than 10 acres it must be deeded as a “minor sub-division” or they will not permit construction.
  • Well and septic system requirements – soil bore tests, availability of proper drainage, ability to tie into a regulated drain or ditch
  • Roads – county regulation may dictate inconvenient driveway spacing on certain roads if other driveways exist on adjacent minor-subs

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Do you have pre-priced floor plans available?

We build custom homes, so we do not use pre-priced floor plans. We design a unique home for each client based on needs, wants and budget.

We can provide floor plans from previous homes we have built for use as a reference or starting point, and then incorporate desired features or details into the new design. We can also help find plans on the Internet from designers and architects. We also design home plans.

For examples of previous homes we have built in Central Indiana, please visit our gallery of Indiana custom luxury homes.

What is the cost difference between using an existing floor plan and a new custom floor plan?

No cost differences result from using an existing plan.

Can we visit a house built by Madison Custom Homes Inc.?

Yes. We can make arrangements for you to visit a home currently under construction and/or occupied homes we’ve built.

Are you licensed, bonded or insured?

Yes, we are fully insured. However, Indiana does not have a single-family residential construction licensing program. Indiana does not require bonding.

In certain cases where required, most often when dealing with a municipal road or highway, we will obtain bonds, as needed. For an example of when a Performance Bond may be needed, read the case study “Dealing with Local Governments Regarding Challenging Builds” on our Locations We Build in Central Indiana page.

Do you include any standard features or amenities in all of the homes you build?

To ensure long-term solid construction, we always include:

  • Poured concrete foundations
  • I-joists for the floor joists; rated for light commercial loads
  • All stick construction; all floor systems and wall systems are 16″ on-center or closer together
  • All sub-floor is glued and screwed (not nailed)
  • All exterior wall sheething strenthened with wood-sheet goods
  • Vinyl clad, aluminum clad or aluminum extrusion windows – we never use exposed wood on the exterior of windows
  • We typically install a 95%+ efficient gas furnace with a 13 SEER high-efficiency air conditioning system. Options could include all electric heat pumps or geo-thermal systems.
  • We place rubber “ice and water shield” membrane anywhere roof and wall meet, on all roof valleys, and on gutter lines. All gutter lines have 3″ of membrane wrapped onto the gutter board.
  • Attic space over living areas insulated with R-50 minimum
  • All garage walls and ceiling are insulted. All garage overhead doors are insulated with steel-back interior.
  • All homes have energy testing done and have 5-Star+ energy rating
  • Water softener standard
  • Electric-only rough-in meeting to walk through house and locate all electrical switches, outlets, and lights; verify all locations are approved

Do the homes you build come with a warranty?

Yes. Our warranty depends on the contract and the extent of warranty coverage desired by homeowners. For more specific information on warranty protection available from Madison Custom Homes Inc. and material manufacturers, read Warranties.

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