Through the course of pricing a house, we create a very detailed set of specifications based on several meetings with the client, tailoring each house specifically for them. This detailed set of specs allows us to price the house correctly and keeps costs under control.

Attention to detail and the upfront due diligence that go into the project specifications will help determine more-accurate cost projections, which will help alleviate project cost overruns.

Because pricing for custom homes is subject to so many variables, comparing the total cost of construction projects is like comparing apples and oranges. We help you fully understand all of the real costs of a project, so you are in the best possible position to make your construction option decisions with confidence.

  • Instead of a checklist or standard generic specifications, our clients receive a multi-page, detailed set of specs tailored specifically to their house (see Step-By-Step Process for more details)
  • We maintain an “open book” policy in reference to subcontractors’ estimates, bids, and all costs involved
  • We sit with the client and go through all the estimates so they can see where all the money goes for the various parts of their house
  • Our clients are not surprised by or hit with “hidden” charges
  • All markups charged by us are open and clearly noted
  • Lot selection can add costs and should be previewed with us if possible

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