We help you build the home of your dreams, whether or not you’ve ever built a new home before. Our experience in every facet of custom home construction allows us to serve your exact needs.

We can act as your Builder/General Contractor who oversees the entire project or as a Construction Manager who assists you with the exact level of consultation and representation you want and need.

We help you understand the costs and benefits of the many home construction project options available to meet your schedule and budget.

Hard Costs of Construction & Project Management Fees

The hard costs of construction of a new house include the material and labor to build the home. The hard costs (without markup) include permits to final cleaning / closing.

The project management fees are determined by the scope of the work we do for you. We will explain in detail all of the costs and variables, so you can determine the best construction project path.

No matter which construction options you choose, the three main areas of our performance – quality, scheduling and budget – remain the same.

Madison Custom Homes Inc. Pricing

When we price a house, we provide a unique and highly-detailed set of project specifications and costs that help you fully understand the complete price you will pay for your new home.

More details:
Custom Home Pricing

Madison Custom Homes Inc. Home Plan Design

We can help you design your new custom home from the ground up or we can build from a plan you have already created.

More details:
Home Plan Design

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