When you match your lifestyle with the custom home you build, you will eventually make dozens of decisions prior to construction and continuing throughout the process.

These decisions will range from big issues like choosing a location and floor plan to smaller details, such as cabinet hardware, kitchen sink faucets, and locks.

Step 1 – Discover Options Before You Choose a Builder

Choosing the right custom builder—one who will provide the personal attention and elevated standards you want and need— will be your most important decision when it comes to building your custom home. A little time spent today will pay big dividends on your investment. To learn more, read:
Before You Choose a Builder.

Step 2 – Builder Selection Process

We will build your dream home as you envision it, not as we think is best. We will use our experience to help guide you through the custom home-building process.

We schedule a series of meetings with the client to determine their wants and needs, help select a location to build, and develop the home’s design and details. For more information, read:
Builder Selection Process

Step 3 – Construction Process and Timeline

Building a custom home takes time and much commucication. So many variables exist that actual construction time can be difficult to pinpoint. Our timeline will give you an idea of the steps involved, and the basic order they occur in. For more information, go to:
Construction Timeline

Step 4 – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Once a builder is chosen, many detailed decisions must be made by the home buyer during the building process, big (how many and which trees to remove) and small (kitchen cabinet handles). For details, read:
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

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