Choosing the right builder will be the single most important decision you will make when it comes to building your custom home.

Discover Your Builder Options

Not all home builders are alike. Our dedication to superior customer service and on-site supervision gives us a differential advantage over other builders in the area.

  • We provide a level of personal attention that ensures the construction process is not a burden and does not interfere with your life. We meet with our clients where and when needed: at home or office, in the evenings, or during the weekend.
  • Madison Custom Homes, Inc. strives to provide the high level of quality you expect in all areas of construction, inclucing structural, mechanical, interior finishes, cavity and hidden-space cleanliness and final cleaning, along with the fit and finish in the final stages.
  • As a smaller builder we have more control over the many aspects of the job, including subcontractors actions and design changes; we have long-standing relationships with the subcontractors we use
  • We will be on the jobsite almost every day from foundation to closing.
Other Steps in Process

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